Aptoide (Android 4.0.3+)

  • Aptoide (Android 4.0.3+)

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    Aptoide is an alternative application store similar to Google Play. It doesn’t require registration and its 300,000 apps and updates install almost instantly. Moreover, it has a comfortable Rollback function that allows you to return to old versions of your favorite apps.

    Hundreds of thousands of apps
    Aptoide is more than a store, it’s a store of stores. Any user can create his or her own app store, filtered using defined categories. You can find everything from specific stores for certain cell phone brands and models to stores with independent games and wallpapers.

    The apps download and install directly from Aptoide, which also manages updates. If you’re not satisfied with an app after it’s been updated, you can use the rollback function to return to an earlier version or even uninstall it completely. You don’t ever need to go through the Google Play Store.

    In Aptoide there is also a site for apps with adult content. Its visibility can be controlled from the settings. Unfortunately, the lack of parental controls or options for multiple users (and the fact that Aptoide suspends security measures and content control) make it a poor choice for devices accessible by younger users.

    As easy to use as the official store
    Aptoide makes it easy to download and manage installed apps. The download speed is very similar to that of the Google Play, and managing earlier versions through rollback is intuitive.

    The content, on the other hand, is generic and of a poor quality. The reviews are copied from Play or written in a hurry, and it’s hard to know which programs are trustworthy (Aptoide goes only as far as placing a green label next to official apps).

    Not for everyone
    If you want to download apps without going through Google, or if you need an app store for a phone that doesn’t support Play, Aptoide is a good solution due to its quality and the number of apps included. What is disappointing is the standard of the content, as it is hard to differentiate good apps from trash. If you are looking for another free alternative, we recommend you to download F-Droid.

    Aptoide is an alternative marketplace for mobile apps which runs on the Android OS. In Simpler words, if you are looking for a new app store to download apps that are not available on PlayStore then Aptoide is the next best thing to find new apps. It’s an open source independent Android app store. Unlike the Google Play Store, the user themselves manages their own store. Aptoide is community-driven and delivers apps through a social experience.

    Aptoide likewise Google Play Store is store for downloading apps and games. This app store does not need any registration for using it. However, if you want to write a reviews you can register yourself with simple registration form available in application. You can simply download this app store and download the 30,000 apps on its interface along with latest updates all for free. One great thing about this APP Store is that it offers a unique Rollback feature that allows user to revert back to old versions of their favorite apps.

    Availability for multitude of apps:
    Aptoide is not only a single store instead it is actually a store that holds stores. User has the option to make a store for themselves with filtered categories. User can find specific stores of various cell phones brands and models and store each of their independent games and apps in their filtered app store. Your apps are downloaded from Aptoide which are also updated from the app store as well. Don’t like the updated version of your certain app? Do not worry just uninstall the update to revert back to previous versions.

    Aptoide also offers users to access the Apps with Adult Content and you can manage visibility from settings. However, lack of parental controls for Aptoide does not make it an ideal choice for it suitable for young users.

    To download applications in Aptoid is fairly standard procedure like any other App store.

    Use the ‘Search box’. Looking for a specific app or tool, then just carry out a quick search and Aptoide filters everything for the user, showing results.
    Explore the different categories to find the applications and then download. One can browse the editor’s choice, the most downloaded, the trendiest, the top apps, etc.
    On the other side, to upload applications and games to Aptoide

    Use ‘Create a store’ option which will allow user to create their own store of apps. By clicking on it, configure the name, theme, and description of the store so that it is publicly visible.
    Once the store is created, one has to download Aptoide Uploader. It’s the assistant to upload apps to the store (User can search/find for it in Aptoide as a shortcut). Download and Install it.
    This assistant will be associated to user’s store. Select the (any) app on your device and it will take care of extracting the APK to convert it to a format compatible with Aptoide.
    Finally, when it is done, go to the Store and Click on Apps. Here user/ uploader can find the application(s) they’ve uploaded to the store on Aptoide.
    Easy to use:
    With Aptoide downloading and managing all the apps is simpler and easier. Download speed for apps on Aptoide is pretty much equal to that of Google Play and the roll-back is a plus for this app store. The content for each app is generic and often of poor quality. Also, Reviews seem to be copied from either Google Play or written with not much consideration. Aptoide only counter this problem by simply green labeling the official apps.

    A Good alternative choice:
    If you do not want to download apps from Google Play. Or if your phone model does not support Google Play at all then, Aptoide is your best choice with its enormous data base of apps and games. However, you can also use Androidapksfree as an alternative choice.

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